"Click It or Ticket" in Full Swing as Cops Crack Down on Seatbelt Violations

Everyone has their own reasons for buckling up -- or not.

So we asked a longtime server at the Dixie Pig in Abilene to ask customers if they always wear a seat belt, to get a more honest reaction.

We got answers from "because it's the law" and "force of habit" -- to "because I don't want to get killed."

For Tom Avant, a moment more than forty years ago changed his habits forever -- and its all thanks to a girl.

"It was kind of  forced upon me," he laughed. "I was dating a girl and she said she wouldn't get into the car with me unless I clicked my seatbelt and that was back when it was very new, in the 1970s."

Pizza delivery driver Jared Logg spends up to 10 hours on the roads every day.

If you're not buckled up in the car when you're with him -- Well, he'll just go ahead do it for you.

"It makes them [my friends] mad, but it's like, 'hey, I'd rather see you for the rest of your life than gone tomorrow,'" he said.

But if safety isn't your main concern, maybe money is -- it could cost you up to $200 in fines if you're caught with your seatbelt unbuckled and in Texas, that includes every single person in the car -- including those in the back seat.

That law was enacted just four years ago and one TxDot officials hope will save even more lives on our roads.

Taxi driver Emanuel Fuller knows the value of backseat passengers and doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to them buckling up.

"They really can't say anything, because it's the law. If you wanna ride, buckle up. If not, get out," he said.

It all just comes down to show how one click -- can save a life.

The 12th annual Click It or Ticket campaign runs from May 20th to June 2nd.

Last year, more than 21,000 citations were handed out during the campaign throughout Texas.

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