Coleman Candidate Forum Controversy

At precisely seven o'clock "The Center" was suppose to be filled with Coleman's electoral candidates and youth from the area.

It was suppose to be an open forum, a chance for the youth to ask whatever was on their mind.

But after anonymous opposition, the forum was canceled.

"The pressure was that they may not be as successful at business if they continue," says Craig Allen.

One by one, leaders of the community that once supported the event declined to participate.

"We felt that the leaders wanted to do great things for Coleman and the citizens wanted great things to happen, but there was just a communication problem," says Allen.

The local youth were chosen to bridge the gap between the two, a motion they felt honored to be a part of.

"To know that they could be somebody, to know that they had a voice, it just created hope in their lives," says Aaron Lytle.

Now, the youth are left discouraged and confused.

And they weren't the only: message boards were filled with members of the community who were outraged by the cancellation.

"It's definitely a matter to oppress some information," says Allen.

Current mayor of Coleman, Carolyn Marriman, says she isn't sure what happened.

"I just got an email saying it was canceled. I really don't know what the particulars are, i just know they canceled it," says Marriman.

But she is sure their voices should be heard.

"Anytime that we have an opportunity for our youth to be involved, I look forward to it and I welcome our kids to be involved," says Marriman.

Even though the youth were disappointed in the cancellation, they decided to get together tonight anyways to pray for the leaders of this community.

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