Concealed Handgun License Holders Could Soon Be Carrying Guns on University Campuses

Should people be allowed to carry guns on college campuses?

Right now it is the question being debated in Austin, and with 14 state senators already signing in support of Senate Bill 182... Many are wondering what the outcome will be.

"It can go either way," says Roland Munoz.

If passed the bill would make it legal for concealed handgun license holders to carry concealed weapons on campuses.

Ian Merriman says, "That gives me a lot of hope. I'm hoping the rest of the senators will also sign on it."

If passed, private universities will have the option to make their own ruling as to whether or not they choose to allow that.

"We'll have to make a decision if this bill becomes law and consult with their campus community and then, like every institution, ACU will make a decision they feel is in the best interest of their community."

McMurry University issued a statement saying: "Our campus is unique in that we host an elementary school class, the AISD 5th grade magnet class. Therefore, there are multiple issues we would consider in developing a new policy to address S.B. 182 if it passed."

One CHL holder says he has been licensed by the state of Texas to carry a handgun where ever he goes, well almost where ever.

"The only place I'm not really allowed to carry is campus and that's where I spend the majority of my time, so it'd be preferable that I could carry here also," says Jamie Elswood.

This may be the opinion of several Texas students, however, there are some who are strongly against the bill.

Roland Munoz says, "It could be a scary thing, you know, knowing that your best friend or the person sitting next to you in class is holding a weapon at the time."

Whether or not you're for or against, a lot is resting on this decision and it's one that will effect the lives of people state-wide.

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