Cooper High Student Recovers from Head Injuries After Being Brutally Beaten in Class

Jautorian Mosby says it all began with name calling, "look at this black dude, and calling me the n-word."

Then it erupted.

The Cooper High School sophomore explains, "He dived at me and  pushed me. I hit my head on the cabinet and I fell to the ground and he started hitting me and he kicked me."

Punched and kicked in the head, over and over again. Students and even the teacher jump out of the way when  Jautorian nearly bumps into them as he is tackled to the ground.

"Someone needed to stop that. No one stopped. Everybody just kind of moved back and let it go on," says Malaka Mosby, Jautorian's mother.

Suffering from a previous head injury that left him disabled, Jautorian's mother decided to take him to the emergency room to make sure everything was okay. 

"He  already had a head injury before, prior. He got hit by a car, when he was seven and he has epilepsy from that," she explains.

This, however, is  the aftermath of Tuesday's vicious attack--swollen knots, scratches and bruises on his head.

His mother adds, "You send them to school to get an education and they're getting beat up and bullied."

Jautorian's mother says her son has been dealing with the bullying for a couple years now, and she says Cooper administration keeps telling the family, they will take care of it.

But after this happened, Jautorian says he does not believe them. 

"It's not going to do anything but make the situation worse. Then I'm going to end up having to take matters in my own hands," Jautorian says.

A last resort, after  desperate cries from a teenager that feels he has no other options.

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