Dared to Drive

Published 12/06 2013 10:15PM

Updated 12/06 2013 10:31PM

Last month, when Abilene experienced a slight cold front, many people decided to drive as least as possible. But it seems this time around, drivers chose to do the exact opposite, despite the sheets and patches of ice covering the roads.

If you stood on any given sidewalk and watched the cars go by, it's likely you'd see a car sliding or tires spinning. Accidents were prevalent today as law enforcement advised people not to drive on the roads. But that didn't stop some from getting out to brave the icy mess.

Whether it was to get Christmas shopping done or grab a bite to eat, there were noticeably more people out daring the roads today.

"We had a shopping day at work today," said Ruby Ramirez. "And we got to spend $200 on our boss, so that is the only reason why I'm out here."

"Christmas is not going to wait," jokes Dan Wheeler. "I have to try to get ahead in shopping, and I figured nobody else was going to come out."

But for those hoping to browse the racks at stores like Ross and Lane Bryant, they were met with disappointment at the door. Taped signs read things like "We're closed for the remainder of the day due to the weather. We apologize for the inconvenience." Fashion labels and gadgets, though, weren't the only things to lure people outside today.

"I like to get out on days like this," said Judy Volture, whose originally from Missouri. "I like to be out when it's snowing and when it's cold, so this is fun for me."

For some driving, after what most Texans would call a severe ice storm, wasn't a challenge at all.

"This is nothing. When you're from Missouri, this is nothing. We just can't believe that they closed everything for a little tiny bit of ice."

"If you're from New England or from Alaska, but for a Texan, this is pretty bad," said Wheeler.

Whether they're a native Texan or from a part of the country where temperatures like these reminded them of summer, there is one thing the people I spoke to today agreed on.

"The holidays are definitely here," said Kristen Staples.

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