Do Affidavits from Breckenridge Officers Match Dash Cam Video?

We have dash cam video from the Breckenridge Police Department. In it you can see Officer Jennifer Adams responding to a call made to check on the welfare of then-sheriff elect Billy Wade.

The incident happened on the night of November 20, 2012. Affidavits, however, were filed on December 5th, two weeks after the incident happened.

In officer Adams' affidavit, she explains what she saw when she arrived to the scene.

She states, "Upon my arrival I noticed Billy Wade pacing beside his personal vehicle. He appeared very agitated and possibly intoxicated. I attempted to calm him down and was unable to do so. Due to his aggressive demeanor and my physical stature in comparison to his, i opted to use force to gain control of the situation."

In the video you can hear Adams telling another officer, "I already got him with it once."

According to a "Use of Force" form, she "tased" Wade in his chest and sprayed him with pepper spray in his eyes.

Adam's affidavit provides vivid details about what happened that night, however, looking back at the video,  it appears that some things were left out.

In the video Adams says, "He was screaming and yelling at me and tried to take my gun."

No where in her testimony, or the other officer's testimony, does it mention Wade tried taking an officer's gun.

Officer Bruce Hay is the officer who responded to Adams' call for assistance.

In his affidavit, he says, "It appeared that there was something wrong with Wade and he was trying to get into his truck and Officer Adams was attempting to stop him. As I approached officer Adams and officer wade, Officer Wade appeared calm at that point."

In both affidavits, the two officers explain that due to Billy Wade's physical and mental state, an arrest was unnecessary.

Officer Hay says, "Officer Adams and I decided that Officer Wade did not need to be incarcerated due to possible medical problems; therefore, officer Wade was released to Ed."

There is no record of medical responders ever being called to the scene that night. 

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