Does Belle Still Haunt The Village?

Published 10/31 2013 10:38PM

Updated 11/04 2013 10:51PM

Mostly everyone in the Big Country have at least heard of the Buffalo Gap Historic Village. It's a large museum of historic structures and West Texas artifacts that date back to the late 19th century. The village has served as a treasure chest of ancient tales and lessons. And while it may be a tourist attraction, some say it's haunted and have stories to prove it.

Each year around Halloween, ghost tours at night are offered to visitors of the village. As groups walk through the historical buildings, they're told ghost tales about the spirits that lay in wait in the village. No one knows whether the stories or true or not, but that doesn't stop the goose bumps from rising on the arms of those listening in fear.

If you're ever out at the village, whether day or night, you're likely to feel the presence of Belle Hill. The little girl lived in the white 'Hill House' towards the front gate and was the last living soul to roam the village. Belle isn't the only ghost, though, tour guides say you have to worry about. She travels with others, one by the name of Felix. His story is unknown but some visitors claim they've heard him speak and felt his presence.

Buffalo Gap Historic Village has been labeled haunted for years. No matter how many stories are told, tour guides say it's each person's responsibility to find out for themselves what or who is still 'living' in the village.

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