Drivers Creating Problem for Businesses as Intersection Gets Repaired

For years South 7th and Leggett has been the intersection giving drivers trouble.

"Big dips in the intersection. The car gets shaken, bouncing around," says Justin Howell.

Now, the drivers are giving nearby businesses trouble.

"Some of them will just turn away so we have not had the trade that we usually have, or the volume of customers," says Vonsil Robertson.

At South 7th and Leggett, the problem lies just feet away from the Elmwood Antique Center, and for the past three days, owner Vonsil Robertson has seen it happen over and over again.

She explains, "They're coming around the front of the building, they're cutting around to the back of the building."

Business owners say people have been speeding at high rates of speed.

"I've seen 20-25miles per hour and personally I would keep it five," says Howell.

"I think one was going 40 awhile ago. I tell you, he blared around this corner," Robertson adds.

Car after car, after car, I watched them speed past me.

Some almost colliding into one another.

Robertson says, "They're using it as two-way traffic which is very dangerous because they can't see around corners. And we really fear that somebody's going to have a head on collision."

These business owners are excited to finally have the intersection repaired. That takes care of their main problem. But in the mean time, they're asking drivers to please help them avoid adding another to the list.

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