Effects from E-Cigarettes Need More Research

By Kimberly Sears | ksears@ktab.tv

Published 07/23 2014 05:39PM

Updated 07/23 2014 06:46PM

The Abilene City Council will meet tomorrow, July 24th, to discuss the possibility of adding E-cigarettes to the city wide smoking ban ordinance.

City Council won't decide anything permanently tomorrow, but it will be one of the many discussion concerning e-cigarettes.

One e-cigarette store manager of 151 Vapes, William Black, said they will comply with whatever the city decides.

Black said that he is not surprised by a potential ordinance. He said in this industry they are bound to see some regulations as the Food and Drug Administration learns more about it.

However, there are many questions regrading e-cigarettes that people do not know about yet. One concern is the second hand vapor people breath in when someone is vaping near them.

An Abilene Oncologist, Dr. Jose Vega, said some side effects include coughing, sinus infection, and respiratory irritation.

Dr. Vega also said the FDA has done a number of studies regrading the water vapor and that it is more than just water. They have found some metals and in some cases substances that could cause cancer.

Black said he knows of the four major ingredients which include nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol; which are foods we eat daily, then food grade flavoring.

However, Dr. Vega said there needs to be more research done on e-cigarettes so they can be sure of the harmful effects and whether this cigarette alternative is a good idea to help people quit.

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