Experts Share Tips as Tax Deadline Looms

The 2013 tax deadline is fast-approaching and if you think it's stressful for you...

"There's a major difference before April 15th and after April 15th," said Joe Melson, a CPA and partner at Davis Kinard and Co. in downtown Abilene.

Melson has been doing taxes since 1988; his dad has been at it for just a little longer.

"I think this is my 51st tax season," Bobby Melson said Wednesday morning.

Between the two of them, they've pretty much seen it all -- and have had to adapt to the changes over the years.

"The law has made it impossible to file taxes by hand, so you have to use a computer and I think that's the main thing -- how fast it goes now compared to how it used to be," Bobby Melson explained.

They're also happy to share some wisdom during their busiest time of the year.

"At this point, instead of trying to rush and file a return that's incorrect, I would be focusing on filing an extension -- doing a best estimate on how much tax you might owe and making a payment," Joe Melson explained.

However, accountants and the IRS want to stress that if you file an extension by the April 15th deadline -- it's not an extension to pay.

You still have to pay that estimated amount you may owe by next Monday, or you could face a penalty.

Melson also said most people are receiving their refunds within a few weeks.

"It'll be a relief next week when it's all over, I may take a day off for a change," laughed the elder Melson.

And while accountants and tax professionals may be relieved filing day is right around the corner -- there's one person who isn't so happy tax season is coming to a close.

"I actually really love this job," said Chauncy Fox, one of the "wavers" of Liberty Tax Services.

You've no doubt seen him dressed as Lady Liberty walking up and down N. 1st St. for months now -- but soon, Fox's favorite job will be no more.

"About three months ago, I came up here and got the job instantly," he said. "And I've been working hard ever since."

As for when he filed his return...Well, Fox is no last-minute man.

"Did them last month."

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