Family Keeps the Faith After Devastating Easter Fire

Smoke, flames, a burned dinner and a melted kitchen were not the way Mona Chick thought her and her family would be spending Easter Sunday.

"Six drumsticks! If I hadn't of cooked such good chicken last night, I wouldn't have done it again," Chick said on Monday. "That's why I was doing it the next night, it was just so good."

Fire destroyed Chick's brother's kitchen Sunday evening, at the Westwood Apartments on N. 6th St. in Abilene.

Despite the loss, the family is keeping their faith alive.

"The devil tried to kill her, but the Lord will turn it into a blessing," said Kenneth Teague, Chick's brother.

Chick said she stepped away from the stove where she was frying chicken for just a moment and when she got back, her worst nightmare had roared to life.

"It was already burning, I don' t know if the grease popped out of the pan or  maybe the towel was on the edge of the burner," she said.

So she ran outside, dialed 911 and broke open the box with an emergency fire extinguisher inside.

But after dousing what flames she could through a now-boarded up window with the extinguisher, Chick said she made one move that made everything worse.

"I could still see some smoke, so I grabbed the water hose, which we have a water hose right outside, and that was a mistake. As soon as I put the water on it, it all went whoosh!" Chick explained. And the worst part of it is -- she knows better.

"You're supposed to smother a grease fire, not put it out with water, but I just panicked."

Monday, the Red Cross was evaluating the home to help in whatever way they could, as Chick and her brother pick through the pieces of what's left.

And for this family, it's a lesson learned the hard way

"Believe me, I've cried many, many tears, but it's a learning experience," Chick said.

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