Family Makes the Right Move to Start Business in Brownwood

Published 07/23 2014 09:10PM

Updated 07/23 2014 10:38PM

Mom and Pop stores in the Heartland are common, making an ideal place to start an independently owned business. 

Back in 2011 Brownwood welcomed a new family owned business on Austin Avenue. Common Grounds was originally  ran by Marco and Yesenia Sandoval and their two children, but over the past three years they have opened a second location and now employ 18 others.

Marco Sandoval says, "We had been toying with the idea of opening up our own business and she wanted to do a deli kind of sandwich shop and I wanted to do the coffee. So, we did both the deli and the coffee together, so that's kind of what we did."

Ever since they opened their first location three years ago, word has spread like wild fire about how incredible this place actually is.

Yesenia Sandoval, Marco's wife, says, "We have a great support from the community both Brownwood and Early now that we are here at the mall. You know they just embraced us and we just thank that, thank the community and thank God."

Common Grounds has always been known for their friendly customer service, but the new location also serves gourmet burgers and hosts an open mic night every Friday night. But some say that in addition to those new aspects the uniqueness of it all is what makes people come back.

Mary Beth Vasquez, a morning manager, says, "I think it is unique, I think that Marco and Yesy went through a lot, and put a lot of thought into choosing our blends and our recipes and so, it is pretty unique."

The new location is found in the Heartland Mall where you can also find a Snickers Frappuccino and an Early Bird gourmet burger.

Common Grounds won the Texas Governors Award for 2013. Although the Sandovals have received requests to open more locations, they say they are going to take it slow and not get ahead of themselves.

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