Family of Six Loses Home, Christmas Gifts to Destructive Fire

Five days after flames took over the Ford family's home in Tye, the enormity of their loss remains fresh.

"You don't know what to think. Lots of things run through your mind and you don't think something like that's going to happen to you," said Teresa Ford on Wednesday.

Among the damage -- a melted Christmas tree and burned ornaments, lost memories and three bikes picked up from layaway just days before the fire broke out. Bikes that were meant to be Christmas presents for 12-year-old Elayna, 7-year-old Elizabeth and 5-year-old Elijah.

"Luckily, those are getting replaced and lots of people have helped us with gifts and we're just so grateful," said Ford.

As any tight-knit community knows, when tragedy strikes, everyone comes together -- and people in the city of Tye are no exception.

"There have been lots of organizations are reaching out to the family," said Fire Chief Shawn Hicks of the Tye Volunteer Fire Department. "Especially since they have four kids, it hits close to home to those with families and they want to  make sure those kids are taken care of."

And for that, Teresa Ford and her family are forever grateful.

"It is hard, we've lost everything, but we're getting so much more back, too."

What started out as a tragedy has turned into a true testament to this community's resolve. 

If you'd like to help the ford family with any kind of donations, call the Tye City Hall at 325-692-8588 for more information.

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