Family Uses Poetry To Commemorate the Life of a Victim in FM 600 Wreck

"God called you home, August 26th, 11:16 a.m.," says Desree Mendoza.

Six months after the passing of Gabriel Mendoza Jr., and the pain still  lingers.

Mendoza continues, "Thursday I saw you and being dumb, nothing is what I said, now regretting it, not knowing three days later my brother would be dead."

It is clear, each day that passes, gets no easier; especially for the people who were closest to him.

Mendoza says, "It still feels crazy, still feels unreal."

Each month on the 26th, Gabriel's sister, Desree, recites an original poem.

"We were tighter than ever," she reads.

Born exactly one year apart, the two shared a bond.

She remembers the times she shared with her younger brother, whom she called "Buddy" but today's poem was special.

She continues. "It was just me and you. We had each other's back.No one knew the things we went through."

On the six month anniversary of Buddy's death, his mother wants to send a message to other teenagers.

Patricia Rodriguez says, "Watch what y'all are doing. They took my only son away from me and it's still hard on me, till this day. I still can't let it go."

Which is why this family is doing everything they can to keep Buddy's memory alive.

Mendoza says, "For the rest of my life, as long as I can make it happen, I'll be here every month, on the 26th."

Reciting poems; words from her heart to her brother's soul.

"Life will never be the same to me, without you here on earth," she reads.

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