Feedback Friday 7 - 5 - 12

 It's a segment we like to call feedback Friday.  So lets get started shall we?

Our first story regards the ihop restaurant located off south clack street, some of the restaurant employees there were caught on camera taking money from the cash register.  The chain says they will press charges against those employees involved.

Pam has our first comment of the day. she states: Why does this not surprise me?

Next randy adds a little humor to the discussion: Yikes! I must not be tipping enough.

And Todd asks: 5 employees! Wonder if it is a gang thing and if there is a ring leader amongst those 5?

Now on to our next story, sears starts a vacation layaway program.  The retailer has launched a new website for booking travel and allowing customers to pay over time.

Becky says: Cool idea

Renee agrees as she says: Awesome!

Mialinda also likes the idea as well as she exclaims: Now that's what I'm talking about!! Sign me up right now!!!

And finally, for our last story we  reported on how two cyclists are riding cross-country to raise awareness for those with disabilities

Lucie had this to say: I saw these cyclists and was wondering where they were from! How cool is that!!! Good luck to them on the rest of their journey!

And mike closes us out this week the following: Hats off to these folks. (It's) Unbelievable the distance (they travel) To help folks like (myself) Who are on disability. We need disability reform so bad in this country.

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