Feedback Friday: Viewers Sound Off on Triple Digit Temperatures

We begin with the story regarding several folks in the big country suffering from PTSD.

Trish wrote,

"I am a survivor of traumatic brain injury and to say it is a difficult road is severely an understatement... PTSD and or traumatic brain injuries are so overlooked and NOT diagnosed which leaves the suffering individual hopeless."

Lynette added,

"There are a lot of folks who haven't been in the military, who haven't seen combat for their country, but have gotten it in this life anyway, so they and the soldiers all have my prayers."

Moving on to our next story, triple digit temperatures and major league  heat here in the Big Country are raising health concerns. We asked if anyone in the Big Country experienced heat exhaustion.

CV said,

" I did, last summer. SCARY!"

Mary said,

"Yes, and it was ungodly!!! My Body would not sweat at all and then I was violently throwing up.. I had to have many IV bags and was put on strict bed rest."

Darla said,

"My brother has... Last summer... He worked on an oil rig . Before he knew it he was in the hospital for three days... It was horrible."

Our next story of interest regarded frustrated drivers wanting relief when entering Interstate 20.  It appears TxDOT will be making some changes to entrance ramps. 

Sherry stated,

  "Well thank goodness!! Those ramps are dangerous!"

Rusty said,

"Try doing it in a big truck with an oversized load. That is really fun!" 

My only additional comment would be if everybody would simply become a little more concerned with looking out for the other guy on the road, and not so much trying to get from El Paso to Dallas in 15 minutes, I truly believe things would be much safer all around out there for everybody on the highways and byways.

And finally our last story we will revisit: John Nolan's segment on Does It  Work: This week's focus was the Sticky Buddy product.

Pamela said,

 "I have one & I loveeeeeeeee mine"

Channia added:

"We use ours at the salon and we all love it. It works great" 

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