Feedback Friday: "Westernizing Mike" A Success

This week on KRBC, we showed you how the Dublin Bottle company is working to get back on its feet.

They're now trying to gain new business in the Texas area by making in roads with other pure cane sugar soda offerings. 

Cody says,

"Good for the Kloster's! Keep Dublin strong! Was a huge fan of Dublin dp, will not buy regular dp anymore. Looking forward to Dublin products to hit the shelves!"

Lizzy adds,

"I really hope Dublin makes it. I loved their Dr. Pepper and I want to try their new products."

As you might have seen, KRBC Meteorologist and Anchor, Mike Cole, went through a westernizing process in a story we ran earlier this week.  Mike is not from this area, but really had a good time checking a little bit of the local barbecue flavor, and seeing some of the sites and sounds locally here in the Big Country. From visits to the Abilene Auction, to checking out cattle, to a visit with co-anchor Megan Dobbs, to Frontier Texas to learn a little more about the area's history.  Mike also got to try on some western apparel at a local outfitters.

In response to the Westernizing Mike piece some viewers wanted Mike to continue the process,

Mark suggests, 

"Need to do some mudding! That would be great to see!"

Amanda was a fan of the story, she had this to say,

"I loved this episode... My husband and I both thought the outfit really did fit with you! It actually looked pretty natural... So glad you're here!"

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