Flood Safety Awareness Week

We all need to be ready for severe weather season, even for those sometimes drenching thunderstorms which can lead to flash flooding. This week, the National Weather Service wants to remind folks about the dangers of flooded roadways.

We've all heard the saying "In Abilene, when it rains it floods," and while we haven't seen much rainfall for some time, we still can't forget how to stay safe in the event a flash flood occurs.

This week marks Flood Safety Awareness Week where the National Weather Service informs the public about floods, their warning services and even the different types of floods that affect us right here where we live, especially since it doesn't take much for high water to sweet a vehicle off the roadway.

While the spring season brings along pleasant temperatures, flash floods are important to monitor across Texas due to the fact that they are the leading cause of weather related deaths in the state.

TxDot also wants to remind folks to never drive on cruise control during a rain event. Cruise Control decreases the traction on your tires and can cause your vehicle to hydroplane.

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