Focus on Faith: Women Get Physically & Spiritually Fit

"I started at the first Baptist Church as a ministry assistant in the childhood and preschool area," says Kim Romines.

But then she wanted a bit of a change and was looking for a place to get physically fit through Jazzercise.

"The family life center opened the doors to have us come in," she says.

The career change has been something Romines needed  and is pleased with where the program is going.

"We don't even feel like we're working out. We dance for an hour and then we look around and we're like, we're all sweaty and we just burned 600 calories," Romines explains.

Not only is the class good for your health, but it brings families together, which is what the family life center is all about.

Romines says, "Family Life Center is such a great place to bring your family. There's so many things you can do. We have a lot of customers that come in. Members come in to Jazzercise while their kids are doing upward basketball or maybe their husband's working out in the fitness center."

Often times women take care of everyone else and make themselves last on the priority list.

"It's just really nice for them to have that one hour to relieve all that stress and leave the worries behind and come in and have some fun for an hour," says Romines.

It's almost like a rewards system, you earn points through your workout and you are rewarded with love from your family.

"They're able to go back and be better moms, wives, and sisters," says Romines.

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