Following Through on New Year's Resolution

Published 12/31 2013 09:29PM

Updated 12/31 2013 10:27PM

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, many people set them, but few see them through to the finish line. That's that's a know factor about resolutions, especially when the resolution deals with getting in shape or dropping a few pounds.  While it started out rough, one Abilene woman is seeing her 2013 resolution through.

"I remember she came in," says Andrew Barker, personal trainer at Firehouse Fitness. "She was very depressed, upset and angry with herself because she knew she'd let herself go."

Barker is one of a few personal trainers at the gym who's job is to help hopefuls like Angel Quinlan reach their fitness goals. Quinlan set a fitness New Year's resolution for 2013. Her breaking point was when the weighing scale read 320 pounds.

"I decided to start weight loss after a long period of not being able to lose weight, feeling like i just couldn't do it," explains Quinlan.

To start, Quinlan joined Weight Watchers, but says that wasn't enough.

"No matter what I ate or how much I exercised, I wasn't going anywhere," says Quinlan. "I finally built up my nerves and came in here (Firehouse Fitness) and, at first, was very afraid of all of the equipment and everything."

Quinlan gained that courage three months after 2013 began, and since then, she's stuck with her workout plan. As of today, she's lost a total of 85 pounds.

"She's just integrated a whole program for herself to help her stay off the weight and keep it off."

Finding time to work out was Quinlan's challenge, but Barker points out another problem for fitness newcomers.

"This is the microwave generation. Pop it in the microwave. Ding. Done. But that's not how it works with the body. You've got to be very consistent with your body."

Quinlan seconds that statement, and now, wants to encourage others not to wait to start their fitness journey.

"The sooner they start, the sooner they're going to see results," says Quinlan.

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