Former Detective Analyzes Dash Cam Video from Breckenridge Altercation

Debbie Glenn, a retired detective of Abilene Police Department, with 20 years of experience, sat down with me and watched the raw dash cam video from an altercation that happened between Breckenridge police officers.

Glenn explains, "Obviously when he pulled up, she was struggling with him."

"When the deputy responded he tells him to stop and he does. So he's able to get that under control," she continues.

Which is the first step, but it is what they did not do next that she considers questionable.

She says, "If there is more than one person there, you always want to keep an eye on the subject you're having problems with."

If you look at the video closely, you can see both of the officers turn away from the subject, Billy Wade.

Glen continues, "Even those two officers looking back at the video could even state, dang i shouldn't have done that."

In addition to  this safety concern, the topic of arrest comes up. Why was Wade never arrested?

Could his role in the department have possibly played a part in that decision?

I ask Glenn, "If that had been, say myself, would the same thing happen or would I have been handcuffed?"

Glenn answers, "Yeah, in normal circumstances I imagine people would be handcuffed and put in the car. Anybody would tell you that."

So were these officers in violation of their code of conduct? We are still waiting for that answer.

What we do know is, according to the  Breckenridge police chief, "there is only one person who acted improperly that night and he is no longer an employee of the department."

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