Four-Legged Companion Slows Down Robbery Suspect As He Runs From Police

"I was inside the house and my little Bishon was acting kind of funny and she was whining at the door because she wanted out, which is kind of odd," says Raquel Forrest.

When Forrest let that dog out,  she noticed her other dog was no where in sight.

She continues, "I'm like where where is Darley? And she comes, finally, walking towards me and she starts limping. So I'm like, why are you limping?"

That is when she noticed several Abilene police officers behind her home, arresting a man who had been leading police on a foot chase along North 10th Street.

"The boy must have jumped the fence on this side and was crossing here," Forrest's husband adds.

Tire tracks in the family's front yard were left by police who spotted the suspect running through the backyard and an indention in the family's fence shows where the suspect was possibly trying to avoid running  into officers.

Now 11-month-old Darley, is left with a limp, or maybe, a battle wound. The Forrest family thinks Darley tried to play with the suspect and was possibly kicked by him as he was trying to steer clear of the police.

"She's a hero because she slowed the guy down because he got caught on the other side of the fence," says Mr. Forrest.

Now that the suspect has been arrested, this family is showering Darley with the love she deserves for being the neighborhood's four-legged hero.

"Ya know, we're just glad. It's all over. Thank god. This is a blessing, that nothing happened," says Raquel Forrest.

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