Friends and Family Welcome 317th Airlift Group Home with Open Arms

You couldn't tell which was stronger, the gusty winds on the flight line at Dyess Air Force Base or the emotions from Dyess airmen.

"It's tough it's always tough," says Ryan Crumrine.

Either way, these friends and family weren't letting anything get in the way of their reunion.

"190 days," says Colin Griggs.

That is how long six-year-old Colin waited, and he never lost track. He could not wait to see his dad and hear his two favorite words, "Hi stinker!"

Colin's mother says deployment takes a little bit of  getting used to.

"For the first several months it kind of, you have to get into a routine," says Adrienne Griggs.

As for her husband, the hardest part came towards the end.

Bill Griggs says, "It went by pretty quick at first, but then the last month or so, it seemed to drag and it's like okay, it's another day. Just wanted March to hurry up and get here."

When that time finally came, he could not contain his excitement, because this time the embrace was going to be much better than any exchange they sent over Skype.

"That's the best thing in the world to hold the whole family again," says Griggs.

Once all the hugs and kisses were passed around, these airmen say they are ready to get back to their everyday routine, in a familiar setting.

"I need a shower," says Griggs.

Crumrine adds, "Probably go home, sit down, relax. Just take a breath in and be glad to be home."

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