Gas Likely The Cause of Home Explosion

Published 05/19 2014 06:19PM

Updated 05/19 2014 08:52PM

New details are emerging about Sunday's house explosion in the 1300 block of Peach Street.

"She did indicate to the hospital staff that she did smell gas at the time, and was looking for that source of the gas," said Lt. John Brunett of the Abilene Fire Department.

Lt. Brunett told KRBC News that a gas valve that connected to the stove might have been left on accidentally.

Neighbors and family who did not want to be on camera said the resident of the home, 49-year-old Kimberly Bien, was inside at the time of the explosion.

They believe Bien had been remodeling her kitchen for some time, and said she had recently purchased a new stove.

"The stove was disconnected, it wasn't connected to the gas line," said Lt. Brunett. 

He couldn't estimate how long the gas had been left on, whether days or just hours, but he said the mixture of gas and oxygen had to be at just the right consistency to cause the powerful explosion.

"If you don't have enough gas, it's not gonna ignite. Or, if you have too much gas, it's actually too rich of an environment and so here we had that perfect storm, so to speak," he said.

Lt. Brunett also added that it could have been anything from a cigarette lighter to a flick of a light switch that sparked the explosion. 

"That is one of those things we won't ever know," he said. 

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