Going Green: 2012 GOP Candidate Environmental Policy

Between the economy and health care, GOP candidates have pushed environmental topics aside.  But it is an important topic to consider when voting. 

And then there were four, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul , and Romney all still in the running. Issues at the forefront of the election always are touchy, like the issue of climate change. 

- Mitt Romney believes climate change may be a problem but is not sure what extent humans play in the earth's changes.

- Gingrich made a similar move saying its impossible to know how much humans effect climate change. 

- Ron Paul now believes global warming is a hoax.

-While Rick Santorum's stance has remained the same, saying the human role in global warming is junk science.

As for energy, always a big issue in elections, once again the candidates have varying methods but seem to want the same thing use domestic resources to stimulate the economy and become less dependent on foreign oil. 

- Ron Paul supports drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and energy independence saying the government should stay out of energy business.

- Mitt Romney  believes we need to develop and harness alternate sources of energy such as nuclear energy, but at the same time use domestic resources from Outer Continental Shelf and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

- Gingrich wants to give incentives for renewable resources but want to develop more responsible oil and natural gas development in the United States, offshore and on land.  He also supports a rapid expansion of nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, wind, and solar energy.

- Santorum said the country needs an All of the Above Energy policy and wants to build the  controversial keystone pipeline and  more offshore drilling.

So while the candidates disagree on many topics, climate change and drilling seem to be common ground for the candidates.  Something surprising to see among these candidates.

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