Going Green: ACU For Fair Trade

In the life of many college student, the biggest worry is passing an exam. For Joanna Robertson, senior at ACU, she has a little more on her mind.

"A lot of product we used like chocolate coffee are made using slave labor." Said Joanna Robertson.

And that didn't sit right with her.

"That just struck something in me, it's not right." Said Joanna.

So she joined the fair trade club at ACU. Joanna says that by buying fair trade, we the consumer can make a difference.

"You start demanding, okay we are not going buy stuff that is made in sweatshops and the companies need your business so they will change." Said Joanna.

A change that that Joanna is eager to see and lead on campus

"I think because we are a Christian University, we need to be at the forefront of the issue." Said Joanna.

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