Going Green: Choose Life Recycling

The people behind choose life recycling take pride in their unique work. 

"In Abilene there is a lot of good energy for recycling the regular  cardboard and plastics.  But the one thing that made us unique is the electronic waste." Said Eric Mallet, founder of Choose Life Recycling. 

Every Saturday, Choose Life Recycling opens its door from 10 am to 3 pm.  People can drop off their old electronics to be recycled.

"When an electronic goes to a landfill it doesn't break down in other words in there forever the toxins in it the lead can really contaminate the environment." Said Eric Mallet.

The company has taken on the responsibly of stewards of the environment and see recycling as an analogy to the gospel. 

"When you think about recycling its breaking down something that is old and decrypted, the gospel breaks you down to what god meant you to be."  Said Eric Mallet.

This year, Choose Life Recycling has gone from a for profit to a non profit organization and is excited for whats to come. 

"We are excited for in 2 years, we want to have 5 location site across west Texas. we want to be able to provide these services for free." Said Eric Mallet.

Choose Life Recycling also holds many green initiatives for schools and companies in hopes to spread the message. 

"We just want to be a beacon of light to be proactive."Said Eric Mallet.

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