Going Green: Climate Expert Warns HSU Students

Dr.Katharine Hayhoe has a long resume.  She is a professor of geosciences at Texas Tech and a CEO of a company that does research for scientific consulting companies.  She believes there is no denying climate change.

"There are over 26000 indication of a warming planet."  Said Dr. Hayhoe. 

Even though its called global warming, she says its evident right here in West Texas. 

"In west Texas we are seeing birds and insects that we used to not see unless we were further south." Said Dr. Hayhoe. 

Dr. Hayhoe says the warming earth is making the drought worse and heat waves hotter.

"We are already at mother nature mercy and if we change that may make us even more vulnerable." Said Dr. Hayhoe.  .

That's why she is talking with students at HSU about making better decision.

"We need to understand the consequences of our action so we can make smart no regrets decision."  Said Dr. Hayhoe. 

Even though her studies show the average earth's temperatures has already risen, its not too late to make a change.

"We have a long history of depending on unhealthy ways of getting our energy.  But its never too late to improve our quality of life." Said Dr. Hayhoe. 

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