Going Green: Community Parks Get Ready For Spring

Winter can be a lonely time for park swing.  But like a moth to light once temperatures start to warm up people head outdoor.

"Thats an annual event, it starts warming up and people want to get out an enjoy themselves and parks are a good place to do that." Said Bob Cheatham of Abilene Parks Division.

So Abilene Parks Division is staying ahead of the crowd, well at least they are trying.

"This spring is a little bit early. We had a little moisture, a little warmer air and the weeds are ahead of us now." Said Mr. Cheatham.

So now the department is working overtime and playing catch up to get the parks ready.

"Getting ready for spring is just a lot of maintenance."  Said Bob Cheatham.

But the maintenance is important to encourage people to get outdoors.

"Neighborhood parks are important because you don't have to use a lot of gas to use one." Said Mr. Cheatham.

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