Going Green: Eco-Friendly and Well-Hydrated Campus

McMurry understand the importance of hydration on this Texas campus.

"You will see across campus, the teachers and students all generally have a water bottle or jug or something to drink."  Said John Harvey of McMurry University.

So when one of the water fountains went out of commission, they quickly looked for a replacement but came back with something much better.

"Its just a regular water fountain, this is just an add on." Said John Harvey.

The add on is a water dispenser specifically made for water bottles.

"We thought well if there were some way to refill their water bottle, it would keep a bunch of those water bottles out of the landfills." Said John Harvey.

They are waiting to see how the students take to it in the fall but so far its been a big hit.

"You can see a counter that over the past few months its had 3600 hits. That's just over the summer so we think it will get really good play." Said John Harvey.

So far, the special water fountain is the only one on campus, but McMurry hopes to install more.

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