Going Green: Eco-Friendly Diets and Staying Healthy

Any diet takes a lot of discipline especially a vegan or vegetarian diet, no matter how you do it.

"There are some who just cut out the red meat, or some who cut out fish or eggs or dairy
products. Or you have vegans who cut out all animal," said Haley Eley, a dietitian intern at Hendrick.

But cutting out the animal product can cut out a lot of essential nutrients.

"Obviously there is the protein and people have to watch that. But there is also the Vitamin C, the iron, the folate," said Haley Eley.

But by taking supplements or vitamins you can stay healthy and eco-friendly.

"They have over the counter vitamins at Walmart or Walgreens. You can get supplements that have it if you can't get enough from vegetables and fruits," said Haley Eley.

And what your body requires depends on your specific diet.

"They need to research what nutrients they are eliminating by not eating certain foods and get them from another source," said Haley Eley.

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