Going Green: Green Envi Takes The Pain Out Of Recycling

Recycling is easier said then done. You want to be eco-friendly but the separation process can be time consuming and so confusing most of it ends up in the trash.

"Most people want to do the right thing with recycling its just a matter of convince."  Said David Spears, owner of Green Envi. 

To make sure the recyclables get to where they need to, David started a company called Green Envi that will pick up your recycling and do it for you.

"So it takes a lot of the middle cost for the costumer out of the equation. So they can throw it out in the bin and its picked up and they don't have to worry about it." Said David Spears.

While there are recycling services for commercial companies, Green Envi is the first for your home.

"We wanted to start a business that contribute back to the community." Said David Spears

Green Envi takes the pain out of recycling and hopes to encourage an green disposing method in your home, making your neighbors green with envy. 

"I think its important to get things that can be recycling back in the production stream its better for the environment." Said David Spears.


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