Going Green: Hawley Students Learn Responsible Consumerism

The Hawley Bearcats took time off from the regular grind and headed to the great outdoors for an unusual field trip.  The goal isto enjoy nature.  Funded by a grant, the outdoor program takes the kids on hikes with GPS, teaches fishing and the skill of archery.

"Oh they have a blast, they have a blast."  Said Hawley Teacher and founder of the program, Vivian Sayre.  She says research shows that if kids gets outside they will learn to appreciate nature.

"So I think the best thing we can do as environmentalist is get out and show the kids what they should be protecting." Said Vivian Sayre.

She hopes the appreciation they gain out here will be reflected in their buying choices. 

"Everytime they are going to the cash register they are voting for something."Said Vivian Sayre.

And therefore, hitting home the home making class lesson.

"So this just enriches everything that I teach in the classroom about responsible consuming." Said Vivian Sayre.

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