Going Green: Keeping Bugs Away From Backyard Fountains

Published 05/22 2014 11:30AM

Updated 05/22 2014 07:01PM

Fountains can add to your garden but they can also attract mosquitoes during the warm season. It is not uncommon to find bugs migrating in areas of standing water.

"I don't want any of that here,” says gardener Sherrone Boudreau.

She has her own remedy when it comes to keeping the mosquitoes away.

"And you find that works? Yes."

Once a week Boudreau sprays her fountains with orange oil, a type of cleaner used for dusting.

"See gets a film on there,” says Boudreau.

The oil keeps the bugs from breeding. Manager, Todd Hooper recommends Mosquito Bits or Dunks. Both have been on the market for the past twenty years.

"They form an oily base,” says Hooper.

The product lasts about six to eight weeks. Almost looks like a small doughnut.

"If you have them already, that's the perfect time to do it because they have to come to the surface to breathe,” says Hooper.

The majority of the fountains at Garden World have the solution already in them. Boudreau admits to getting bit every once in a while, but not near the water.

"They used to lay right here and you'd see all of the mosquitoes, now that I do this they hit the oil and can't get out,” mentions Boudreau.

Which is a quick solution to annoying problem.

"So any bug that lands in there, it kills them,” says Boudreau.

Without damaging the fountain itself.

"Doesn't plug it up or anything. Nope just leaves a film on there."

Which is a great way to get rid of summertime pests to enjoy what you love.

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