Going Green: Landfill Ensures Evnironmental Safety

Landfills have come a long way since the 80s.

"Some may remember old landfills that had creeks running through them, they didn't protect the groundwater, they didn't protect the runoff." Said Ed Rhodes of Abilene Environmental Landfill.

Since then, legislation requires landfills to follow certain protocol to keep the environment safe. 

"I think everyone wants our waste to be taken care of in a proper method so the environment and future generation are left without toxins." Said Ed Rhodes.

Abilene Environmental Landfill took that to heart, and upped the protocol.  While legislation requires two feet of clay.

"This facility actually uses 3 foot of compacted clay." Said Ed Rhodes.

And Ed Rhodes says the location for the facility is perfect. 

"There is approximately thirteen feet of red bed clay and no water." Said Ed Rhodes.

no water means any potential toxins cannot be taken with runoff. 

"And this is one reasons why this is an excellent facility there is not ground water." Said Ed Rhodes.

Putting clients and customer's worries at ease that what they leave at Abilene Environmental Landfill stays there. 

"It's certainty better than carrying it in your backyard and putting it in a burn barrel." Said Ed Rhodes.

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