Going Green: Local Florist Cleans Up The Mess

Published 06/26 2014 12:31PM

Updated 06/26 2014 06:51PM

The storms from a couple weeks ago hit the downtown area hard. One florist shop in Abilene is still picking up the pieces.

Ray Maddox is the storeowner. “I came in here and it looked like a war zone,” said Maddox.

The lobby looks a little bit different now. Several of his skylights got knocked out and are now covered up with a piece of tarp.

"I put buckets in there everywhere including trashcans."

His workstation got hit as well. The skylight overhead got busted out and his table was at one point covered with water. Since then he has been able to clean up the mess. However, he is still waiting for the roofers to finish up. Despite some structural damage, ray remains positive. Maddox says he feels pretty lucky.

"There's the black cloth, that's what saved the green house,” says Maddox.

Go inside and you can see the puncture wounds on the ceiling, but no leaks or holes to speak of. Each of his plants are doing well. The black cloth is made for sun protection, but in this case the purpose was much bigger. One of his delivery trucks was not so lucky with a broken windshield, but Ray remains up beat. He’s just thankful for the protection of his plants.

"I thought oh no we're going to have a flood in there, but it wasn't too bad."

One room is made out of fiberglass. You can see the hail marks on the ceiling and a few cracks here and there. You can also see a few pots to catch the water. Overall, Maddox feels lucky, as it could have been much worse.

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