Going Green: Saving Your Plants When Severe Weather Strikes

Published 04/24 2014 11:54AM

Updated 04/24 2014 07:03PM

Our plants can be rather sensitive to the elements, such as cold temperatures, heat, and severe weather. Sherrone Boudreau loves her plants, which is why she was so devastated when she had to start from scratch a few years ago. Now she has a solution to combat the weather.

“It’s very enjoyable to just sit outside and look at them,” says Boudreau.

Seven years ago Boudreau began putting her plants in pots. She regrets not putting them inside during the Easter hail storm of 2011.

“I just forgot,” explains Boudreau.

Since then her collection has grown to about twenty and counting. It takes her an hour to move everything inside.

“Sometimes when it gets’ hot out I’ll bring them in too. The heat can burn your flowers here,” says Boudreau.

When it gets cold Boudreau also covers up her plants with blankets. During the spring hail is a bigger concern. This is Texas after all. The price of the pots is expensive, each one adds up.

“Wait until the end of the season and buy my pots,” says Boudreau.

Her collection grows by about three or four pots a year.

“You come back in about three years, and you’ll see,” says Boudreau.

Moving your plants inside to keep them growing through the spring and severe weather season.

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