Going Green: Season's Ending for the Farmer's Market

The mornings are getting colder but a few farmers are still laying out fresh fruits and vegetables.

 "It will run until anybody runs out of things to bring." Said John Steele of Abilene Farmer's Market.  He says the market still has a lot to offer this time of the year.

"We have a lot of the fall products, turn ups, green beans because they like the cool weather, beets, there will be onion here and people still have squash." Said John Steele.

Its may look quiet now but earlier this season brought many costumers.

"We had an outstanding customer basis better than the previous years." Said John Steele.

Its the clean and fresh produce that builds the market's costumers basis.

" I think some of it is, people just want fresher produce." Said John Steele.

John hopes this will be what brings more people to the market.

"I hope we have more growers and more costumers build on what we had this year." Said John Steele.

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