Going Green: Special Ed Class Keeps Abilene High Green

Mrs. McClellan class is taking what they learn inside the classroom to the halls.

"Monday we clear out the offices, Tuesday we take the recycling from the first floor and on Thursday we take the recycling from the second floor."

Three days a week, room 145 clears out to pick up up other classrooms recyclables and they don't turn down anything.

"If a teacher want to get rid of it we will find something to do with it."

They make a quick stop at the coffee pot to pick up ground beans which make a great compost for flowers.

"We also have the rainforest, so we save the compost from next door and make compost for the rainforest out of it."

Since the start of the program, Mrs. McClennan's class has recycles 2.5 tons worth of plastics, paper, and cans. 

"Its a huge project, our recycling bin is all the way across campus so we get a lot of exercise too ."

its a tough job, but worth the effort.  

"They need to reuse what they have re-purpose it to make their lives better."

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