Going Green: Striding and Riding to Keep Clean

More and more parents are dropping off their children, increasing traffic

"It is a little unsettling for the kids to be in all that traffic."  Said E'Lisa Smetana of the Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization.

And emissions.

"We don't want to become a big city, where we have those emissions. So we are hoping they will start walking and riding." Said E'Lisa Smetana

By highlighting the benefit of safe school routes, the school districts and other organizations hope more kids will take to the streets.

One of the things we really wanted to show is the safety in the school zones and making sure people are paying attention." Said E'Lisa Smetana

Since this was geared towards elementary schools, its teaching kids clean and healthy choices at a young age.

"We want to start from a young age so they enjoy it." Said E'Lisa Smetana

Last year's walk to school reached a record high with more than four thousand around the 50 states. 

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