Going Green: Students Make Art Out Of Junk

Published 05/29 2014 11:37AM

Updated 05/29 2014 08:47PM

The school year is winding down and students are finishing up final projects. Art students at Wylie High School have been watching the show Face Off, a show about makeup artists. For their final project students are to create a masterpiece out of a foam head. The more recycled material the better.

"Any projects that stick out in particular? Oh man there are so many,” says teacher Ms. Sanchez.

Ms. Sanchez teaches art at Wylie high school, and she could not be more proud of her students.

The project is to go back in time or to a place of fantasy, turning a foam face into a piece of art. As of two weeks ago, student, Gage Daulton was hard at work.

"We're starting to mold the dragon now so it's coming together,” says Daulton.

The horns are made out of coat hangers and the flames are made out of coke bottles.

"We're about seventy five percent done,” adds Daulton.

Rhiannon Stiltner is anxious to get everything done.

"We used recycled computer parts that weren't being used as the fangs,” says Stiltner.

Eventually she wants to make the face look like a bug. Stiltner is not the only one with big ideas.

"At the end we'd like it to look somewhat like our sketch,” adds Daulton.

Two weeks later and the sketch comes’ to life.

"We wanted to show them you don't have to be an artist that goes to the store and buys materials you can make art out of anything,” says Sanchez.

"I'm actually really happy with it we've spent so much time on it,” says Daulton.

"We thought this was the coolest thing ever,” says Sanchez.

Ultimately taking pride in each of her students and the art they created.

According to Ms. Sanchez, this was the first year for the project, but probably not the last.

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