Going Green: Using Solar Panels To Generate Electricity

Published 08/14 2014 11:10AM

Updated 08/14 2014 08:12PM

Living in a sunny climate can have its advantages. Solar panels are a fairly new form of electricity. Tylor grand apartments are using them to power their clubhouse. Susan Wilson works the front desk.

"We run the office off of it, so it keeps the cost down for our overhead, which then trickles down to the tenants, says Wilson.

The panels are located on the north and south side, surrounding the office. They work a little bit different than carports.

"Most of the tenants use it as covered parking, but it is not covered parking, it's actually panels, so there are spaces in between them,” says Wilson.

In Abilene it is easy to take the sun for granted. Only a third of the year is defined as mostly cloudy or cloudy skies.

"If it doesn't have enough stored up it will click over to regular electricity. It's not like we have a cloudy day and we don't have any electricity,” says Wilson.

While the solar panels only power the office, the benefits do trickle down to the tenants. Any money the complex can save makes the cost to live there a tad lower.

"It runs the club house and out on property there are fans outside, it does all the pool, the clubhouse itself and then all the security lighting on property,” adds Wilson.

The upkeep is small.

"We don't have to do anything, it's all automatic. If we had to do something we would probably be in trouble,” says Wilson.

Hoping for rain while taking advantage of the sunshine.

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