Going Green: Winter Time Gardening.

The Big Country has many garden enthusiasts who don't want their hobby to end with the seasons.

"It's absolutely possible there are several different ways you do winter gardening." Said Betty Sims
of the Big Country Master Gardeners.  She shared a few tips for winter time growing, like the cold frame.

 "It lets the heat and light in and it's also trapping moisture so its a warm humid condition." Said Betty Sims.

She also suggested using recycled material for compost to make your garden even more environmental friendly.

"Once you get into the framework you want to be on science about the world around us and how we use things." Said Betty Sims.

It may seem like a lot of work to grow out of season, but Betty insists its worth it. 

Its wonderful to see that first seed pop up out of the ground, and to know you put that in there, and to watch it grow, and then to bring food to the table, its really awesome." Said Betty Sims.

The Master Gardeners suggested radishes, squash, and lettuce as winter time friendly produce. 

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