Good Samaritan Being Asked to Pay Big Bucks After Taking Dogs to Animal Shelter

"This is crazy," says Penny LaRocco.

Days after dropping off stray dogs at the Abilene Animal Shelter, about an hour before it opened, Penny LaRocco received an envelope in the mail from the city of Abilene.

She says, "This is not going to stick on me. I'm not going to have this on my name when I have done nothing."

Inside the envelope were three pieces of paper informing her she owes the city money.

She reads, "Charging you with the violation of animal care and humane treatment the fine for the above violation is for $275 dollars."

LaRocco says she was in disbelief and had no clue why she was being charged... Which prompted her to call the municipal courts.

"I'm confused at why I'm being fined $275 for it," she tells the municipal court phone operator.

Little did she know, $275 would be only half of the fine.

She asks, "The ticket is actually what?"

The phone operator replies, "It's two tickets actually ma'am. It's $550 in total."

Apparently, there were two letters enclosed in the envelope that contained the same message, however, they each had a different citation number. LaRocco is being charged $275 for each dog she left at the animal shelter.

LaRocco says, "It makes you feel like you don't want to help. Ya know, because what's the point if this is how you're going to be treated?"

The way she is being treated is exactly why LaRocco says she has started an online petition.

She continues, "All they had to do was take the two dogs. If they were not on the clock, put them in a cage and get to them later.What was so hard about that?"

Now, LaRocco is left thinking if this is what doing a good deed will get you, she may  be readjusting how she lends a helping hand in the future.

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