Haskell County Benefiting From Recent Rain

Published 06/24 2014 10:08PM

Updated 06/24 2014 10:35PM

The northern part of the Big Country got hit with much needed rain again on Tuesday, but the downpours also flooded some cotton fields.

However, it's a small problem compared to the bigger picture. In Haskell County, they are seeing both the good and bad of the rain.

Ranch manager Ricky Dunnam says he has seen a difference in the past few weeks.

"We are now able to hold on to our cattle now," says Ricky. "Before, we would have to sell them off because we didn't have grazing."

Ricky points out to KTAB the amount of water filled in the city's stock tanks on Tuesday. It was dug out 20 feet, and majority of it is currently filled. Ricky says the drought has been so bad the herd he used to take care of has dropped drastically from around 800 to 350.

"It is what everyone is experiencing," adds Ricky. "A lot of the cows have been sold off because it is so dry."

Businesses such as Haskell Feeds have benefited from the drought, having to supply resources to many farmers to feed their cattle. Manager and Ricky's wife, Erin Dunnam says its business has slightly dropped with the recent rain, but it is not affecting them terribly.

"Business has slowed down but that is great too, because it won't be as hard for farmers and livestock producers," says Erin.

Ricky adds that some local farmers and ranchers are hoping to rebuild their herds, but it can be difficult.

"The prices of cattle are at an all time high," says Ricky. "They will have a hard time replacing them."

Last year, Ricky saw the cattle he takes care of sell for $900 per head, but nowadays, it is going up for $1,300.

Fortunately, the amount of water collected from the tanks can last until next Fall and Spring, according to Ricky.

For Haskell Feeds, there has been enough rain that they are planning to sell fish this week.

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