Have you seen Bruizer the dog?

Published 03/31 2014 06:02PM

Updated 03/31 2014 06:31PM

Tricia Sonnevelt said she and her daughters got right to work after their dog, Bruizer went missing.

"Maybe ten minutes and he was poof gone, we started searching, we went to his normal spots that he has little doggie friends," she said.

They went on an extensive foot search, handed out posters, and talked to almost everyone she came in contact with about Bruizer.

"I went from Oak Street all the way to Winters Freeway, going in and out of the streets going in alleyways and we were calling his name, I've passed out hundreds of flyers," Sonnevelt added.

She was having no luck until she looked on Craigslist.

"Something in my gut said check Craigslist, and I found the post," she said.

It was on Craigslist, where she found a picture of Bruizer with an ad that read "found this dog last week..he's calm and playful" the person who wrote the ad went onto write that they were giving the dog away to a loving home, but Tricia has yet to hear back from the person who posted the ad.

"I've sent her maybe, I'm counting, seven different emails today," she said.

She wonders why someone who posted the ad would now, simply ignore her.

"If she's already given the dog away like she's claiming, then what she needs to do is, at least get in touch with us and let us know who she gave it to," she said.

Tricia is so upset by the situation that she's filed a police report and says she won't stop until Bruizer is home. She has this plea to the person, or people that have him:

"He's not just a dog," she said. "He's my son, he's my girls brother, he's my huband's son, he's not just a dog, he is family and we miss him dearly, we want him back."

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