Hotly Debated Ride Request App Reaches West Texas

Published 07/12 2014 08:54PM

Updated 07/12 2014 10:46PM

UBER has arrived in west Texas, but just like in every other city, where the ride-sharing company has parked itself in, it’s littered with controversy. Most recently, the app has reached Lubbock.

UBER, is a mobile app that allows users to request a ride with the touch of their smartphone. This keeps riders from waiting in lines or standing on dark streets and also never needing to carry cash.  Taxi driver, Brok Mezdebu says traditional cab drivers can’t keep up.

“It used to be, that we could drive 8 hours, now we work like 12 hours.  We can’t survive, I mean they took all our business,” says Mezdebu.

Officials in Lubbock are concerned that the ride sharing company is not in compliance with city regulations.  At the top of their list of concerns is UBER’s lack of commercial insurance. 

UBER responded to us via email and said they do hold a commercial insurance policy with $1 million of coverage per incident.

Dave Sutton is the spokesperson for the public safety group, “Who’s Driving You.” He claims that UBER does not have the proper insurance and that their background checks are less than thorough.

“18 different states plus the District of Columbia, who’s state insurance department have come out warning consumers, their citizens, that both being a passenger and a driver for these companies is dangerous,” says Sutton.

UBER also responded to this claim and listed the following requirements they have for their drivers.

-     No DUI or other drug-related driving violations or severe infractions

-     No Hit and Runs

-     No fatal accidents

-     No history of reckless driving

-     No violent crimes

-     No sexual offenses

-     No gun-related violations

-     No resisting/evading arrest

-     No driving without insurance or suspended license charge in the last three years.

But this is just the first of many hurdles facing the transportation tech company, and the days of waving down yellow cabs are far from over. 

As a promotion, UBER has been offering free rides in Lubbock for the last two weeks, but starting this weekend, passengers will charged every time they ride.

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