How One Gun Range in the Big Country Keeps Children Safe

By Kimberly Sears |

Published 08/29 2014 06:11PM

Updated 08/29 2014 06:43PM

Gun safety has been on everyone's mind in the past few days due to the incident that occurred in Arizona. A nine year old child accidentally shot her instructor with an Uzi.
For many people in the Big Country, they are saddened by the loss of a life and feel bad for both sides of the family.

One gun range in Abilene does allow children but safety is taken very seriously. Co-owner of Abilene Indoor Gun Range, James Hill, said he does see children come in to learn to shoot. But while they are learning, instructors are with them the entire time helping learn how to hold, aim, and reload a gun.

Hill said that they strive to teach children that guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands. While he is teaching them, he only allows them to shoot one bullet at a time.

Hill also said that when children come in it depends on their maturity level, if he feels like that child can handle the responsibility. During his lessons with children he will only provide them with a gun they can handle and hold it without a struggle.

Some people in the Abilene do believe in teaching children gun safety so accidents don't happen. 

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