ICE Moving Detainees from Haskell, Detention Center Closing

A press release says ICE officials are "not happy with the current management"

HASKELL COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Immigration and Customs Enforcement is moving detainees from a local detention center, causing the facility to close. 

Rolling Plains Jail and Detention Center is closing on March 15, 2017, because ICE officials are "not happy with the current management company [Emerald]", according to a press release from Haskell County Judge David Davis. 

Over the next two weeks, the press release says ICE officials will be moving detainees from Haskell to a new facility in Alvarado. 

Judge Davis wants to assure residents that ICE has not pulled their contract with the Rolling Plains Detention Center. In the press release, he claims ICE, "said they need beds today and if we had a new management company, they would continue to use Haskell".

Judge Davis told KTAB and KRBC Haskell County is "working diligently" to hire a new management company - a project he says is not feasible to get done in two weeks. 

He has contacted Workforce Solutions of West Central Text to help establish unemployment for those affected by layoffs resulting from the closure, according to the press release, which contains the following statement about the future of the facility:

We are under the impression that the Trump administration expects to utilize many prison facilities across Texas. They will need a place to go with additional ICE detainees. They tell us they currently have plenty of detainees to fill Haskell and Alvarado. The DOJ is in the process of making all their new appointments. As soon as that is complete, we foresee this process will move much quicker than it has in the past. 

The press release ends by stating County officials are working with other counties to house inmates currently serving time in the Haskell County Jail, which is inside the detention facility. 

County commissioners are meeting Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. to discuss their options they have to house these inmates. 

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