Iraan Bus Crash Report Reveals Driver Was Intoxicated

One killed, several injured in Iraan bus crash

HOWARD COUNTY, Texas  - One of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol during the crash that involved a bus full of Iraan High School Cheerleaders back in December. 

According to the crash report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Sandra Dunson had a blood alcohol content of .123 above the legal limit of .08. 

The report states, "The driver of unit 1 was determined to be intoxicated due to ingesting drugs and alcohol, but was not arrested due to receiving medical treatment for her injuries."

The report also reveals that investigators are unsure exactly how the crash occurred or where the vehicles were exactly on the road when the crash occurred because of inconsistent statements and the lack of tire marks on the roadway. 

However, officials say a Buick Century, driven by Dunson, was struck from behind by a semi truck. 

The caused Dunson's car to cross the median and collide with a Ford Expedition headed west on Interstate 20, according to the release. 

The report also says the semi's steering was disable due to the initial crash and veered into the center median before colliding with the Iraan bus, which was westbound on Interstate 20. 

Cheer sponsor Elizabeth Pope was killed in the crash and several others were transported to various hospitals for treatment. 

The report does state two possible scenarios that led to the crash. 

"One was that Unit 1 (Dunson's vehicle) traveling eastbound in the outside lane and made an unsafe lane change entering the inside eastbound lane in front of Unit 2," or "The second is that Units 1 and 2 were both traveling in the inside eastbound lane and Unit 2 failed to control its speed striking Unit 1."

According to the newly released report, a urine specimen was also obtained for the driver of the semi and they came back negative.

However, the report notes that the driver of the semi was cited for "unsafe speed."

The cheerleaders were on their way home from a football game on Dec. 2, 2017. 

Despite the tragedy, nearly the entire state rallied around Iraan High School by sending well-wishes, prayers and various other forms of support. 

Marquees, billboards, and social media pages were littered with the news and support for the school. 

It also led to hundreds of cheerleaders visiting their Braves next game at Shotwell Stadium and cheering in their corner. 

The Braves would go on to the state championship game. However, Iraan would be defeated in their final game of the season. 

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